Looking For Qualified Pizza Chefs To Test New Restaurant Equipment

Qualified applicants would need the following:

  • Must be able to eat a lot of pizza
  • Remember that a pizza is made up of: Dough, Sauce, Cheese, and a Topping
  • Able to type /lab
  • Knows how to open a hopper and a furnace

If you think you might qualify, then apply online:

  • In game type /lab and find the portal to the new “Super Sorter Pizza”
  • Get 1 Dough, 1 Sauce, 1 Cheese, and 1 Topping
  • Put the 4 ingredients into the hopper under “Make Your Own Pizza”
  • Be patient and wait 20 seconds for baking
  • Open the furnace and enjoy the freshest pizza in Minecraft!

Other Information:

  • Skip the topping and get a cheese pizza
  • All 8 pizzas and 19 ingredients are from the HeadDatabase
  • These are just 8 of the 2,400+ No Resource Pack Foods at FranksLaboratory
  • Don’t like pizza? We can make your own (family friendly) restaurant at /plots
  • 58,000+ heads at the HeadDatabase feels small? We can make custom foods and ingredients.

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