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We are a small group of gamers that like creative family friendly fun. We want to sincerely thank you for shopping at FranksLaboratory.com! When you make a purchase with us, you show your kind support for our community. Profits are used for renting server equipment and related costs to maintain a safe family friendly place for kids of all ages and all abilities to play.

We support Coasters & Crafters and Cubed! Virtual in game Minecraft© conventions that support disabled kids.

Please consider helping us by making a donation to keep us online.

Family Friendly:
– A safe place for everyone, from kids to parents, to play creatively together.

How To Play:

Use FranksLaboratory.com in your Minecraft© launcher.

– Friday Night Races at FranksLaboratory
– Over 1200 vehicles ready to drive for free
– Custom vehicles and food only on FranksLaboratory
– 1:1 scale cities and racing worlds
– Automatic in game ranks
– Free Plots with TrainCarts and TCCoasters
– No PVP
– Online since 2016

Minecratft is a trademark of Mojang Studios. FranksLaboratory.com is not affiliated with Mojang Studios or Microsoft

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