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Friday Night Races at FranksLaboratory Anniversary!

  • We are celebrating over one year of weekly races at the lab!
  • Join us at the Company Picnic and Fundraiser this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
  • Open Staff meetings. Everyone is invited
  • Racing, games, and endless food
  • Picnic at /race or /picnic
  • We need your help now to keep us online!
  • If you enjoyed racing, playing, or building at the Lab this year, please consider making a donation

Go Kart Race Winners

We had the strangest entries in the Photos channel this week. This weeks winner is IamRobbyyy! Thank you everyone for trying. 🙂

Friday Night Races at FranksLaboratory: Go Kart Race

  • Go to Bahrain and get a Lab Kart at /race
  • Race the 1:1 scale Bahrain International Karting Circuit
  • Take the inside of the turns without hitting the carpet to pass other karts
  • Complete 10 laps and post at least one screenshot in our Discord Photos channel to qualify
  • One winner might get a prize!

The Forgotten Food Race Winner

The grand prize winner is… DecimateJSY97!
Your acts of gluttony at each restaurant would have decimated all the food if we did not have infinite dispensers! You have eaten your way into ownership a new restaurant at the Lab…
Doughnut Time
“The best Doughnut in the world is the one just made”
Made fresh before your eyes and expire quickly
24 different donuts
Advanced conveyor belt system
Click with an empty hand to pick up, then click air to eat
24 of the 2400+ foods at FranksLaboratory

Friday Night Races at FranksLaboratory: The Forgotten Food Race

  • This weeks Food race will last all weekend long!
  • Get all the food at the restaurants and vending in FranksLaboratory
  • Find all the “Restaurants and Food” at /menu
  • Eat at least one of each food at all 10 locations
  • Post a picture in our Discord Photos channel before you toss your cookies
  • One winner may be chosen to win a food restaurant!

Ice Cream Milkshakes

  • Thanks to Decimate’s brilliant idea, we now have a food court dedicated to Milkshakes!
  • See your milkshake fresh shaken in front of you
  • 12 different flavor shakes made to order by our Lab members
  • Portal at /lab

Food & Restaurants:

We already have 2400+ foods at the Lab! See the current list of unique places to get food at /menu

  • Ice Cream Factory
  • The Waffle House
  • Zulu Burger
  • Super Sorter Pizza
  • The Cheese Puff Maker
  • Decimate’s Sushi Bar
  • Chinese Takeout
  • Classic Soda Vending Machine

Coming soon:

  • The Gingerbread House
  • Ice Cream Milkshakes
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