Friday Night Races at FranksLaboratory: Maiden Voyage Boat Race!

  • For the first time on the Lab, we have resource pack Boats!
  • Choose from Boat, Speedboat, or Raft at /race
  • Boats are placed on a targeted block under water
  • Watch out for shallow water and use reverse to back up
  • There are only a few magenta arrows leading the way
  • You will need to refer to lime line the picture below
  • Use our ‘kind of mobile friendly’ Cars Dynmap link at
  • If your computer is really slow, use one of the no resource pack rafts at /drive
  • Step on the gold pressure plate at the finish line
  • If no one is online, post some pictures of your race in our Discord photos channel
  • One winner may be chosen to receive a prize!

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