Vehicle Triathlon Race Winners:

– DecimateJSY97
– SoupyCypress931
– Fireking675
– YaroGuessr
– YaroKyan2
– ItzCepster

Thank you everyone for racing!
This weeks prize winner is @SoupyCypress931. Thank you for helping with this weeks race. You have won the 2023 Hass Formula 1 race car!

Friday Night Races at FranksLaboratory: Vehicle Triathlon

  • – A three stage race of water, highway, and city streets
  • – With Rafts, Bikes, and Mechas
  • – No resource packs required
  • – Start inside the Boat Rental Shop with `/race’
  • – Dynmaps at Link at `/menu`
  • – Step on the Gold Plates at each stage
  • – Follow the Warped Signs
  • – Finish inside the restaurant in China Town
  • – Use the path in the picture below to win
  • – One Winner from this weeks race may be chosen to receive a prize.

Formula 1 Teams at FranksLaboratory

Team Maclaren:

  • – ChoppyLand8680
  • – CallMeRazzy
  • – SoupyCypress931
  • – YaroKyan2
  • – DecimateJSY97
  • – ItzCepster

Team Williams:

  • – Anti95
  • – YaroKyan2
  • – DecimateJSY97
  • – ItzCepster

Team AlphaTauri:

  • – Kenai_Redstone
  • – ChoppyLand8680
  • – ItzCepster

Team Alpha Romeo

  • – Fireking675

Use /f1 to find out if you are on a team and have permission to get an F1 car.

City Park Parachute Challenge Winners

  • – YaroKyan2
  • – SoupyCypress931
  • – Fireking675
  • – WDW_Mickey
  • – DecimateJSY97

Thank you everyone for playing!

This weeks prize winner is Fireking; Thank you for parachuting and also getting 20 laps on the Bahrain International Kerting Circuit. You have won the 2023 Alfa Romeo Formula 1 car!

We are going to plan a 1:1 scale F1 race soon.

Friday Night Races at FranksLaboratory: City Park Parachute Challenge

We have 18 exclusive No Resource Pack Parachutes with custom banners, including Tardis, Grumpy Cat, Batman, Pikachu, and Pirate!
You will have to take a leap of faith because parachutes can only be opened in the air, so have a parachute ready to right click in your hand before you jump.

  • Start inside the old jet plane above Colorado Springs
  • Fly North and land closest to the center of Acacia Park
  • Use in your 1.19.2 launcher
  • Live Dynmap links are back in you browser at
  • Getting to the start of the race and getting a parachute is easy, just type **/race**
  • One Winner from this weeks race may be chosen to receive a prize.

Friday Night Races at FranksLaboratory: Underwater Base Submarine Race

  • This Friday’s Race Uses NO Resource Pack Submarines! /race
  • Start inside the Aircraft carrier. /race
  • Use WASD & Jump
  • Go South East to the Underwater Base, or follow the magenta arrows.
  • You must go into the submarine port and walk to the gold pressure plate!
  • Get night vision and maps at /race
  • Submarines can only be placed on water.
  • One Winner from this weeks race may be chosen to receive a prize! Back by popular demand, this weeks prize is a personalized collection of No Resource Pack Vehicles at the Lab!
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