Friday Night Races at FranksLaboratory: Last Ice Boat Race

…of the year.

  • Get a boat and night vision at /race
  • Fast loading 10 chunk track
  • Watch out for that one jump with the lava, and take an extra boat
  • One of Friday or Saturday winners may receive a prize
  • Post a screenshot or video of your race in our Discord Photos channel to qualify.

Looking For Qualified Pizza Chefs To Test New Restaurant Equipment

Qualified applicants would need the following:

  • Must be able to eat a lot of pizza
  • Remember that a pizza is made up of: Dough, Sauce, Cheese, and a Topping
  • Able to type /lab
  • Knows how to open a hopper and a furnace

If you think you might qualify, then apply online:

  • In game type /lab and find the portal to the new “Super Sorter Pizza”
  • Get 1 Dough, 1 Sauce, 1 Cheese, and 1 Topping
  • Put the 4 ingredients into the hopper under “Make Your Own Pizza”
  • Be patient and wait 20 seconds for baking
  • Open the furnace and enjoy the freshest pizza in Minecraft!

Other Information:

  • Skip the topping and get a cheese pizza
  • All 8 pizzas and 19 ingredients are from the HeadDatabase
  • These are just 8 of the 2,400+ No Resource Pack Foods at FranksLaboratory
  • Don’t like pizza? We can make your own (family friendly) restaurant at /plots
  • 58,000+ heads at the HeadDatabase feels small? We can make custom foods and ingredients.

Farm Fresh Tractor Race Winners

  • Boee
  • Houley
  • DecimateJSY97

Also Other Winners:

  • IamRobbyyy for harvesting potatoes in a wheat field
  • SoupyCypress931 for forgetting to post a picture, but inviting Houley

Thank you everyone for collecting the wheat (except Robby). Your harvest will be used to make pizza dough!

Friday Night Races at FranksLaboratory: Farm Fresh Tractor Race

Want to satisfy your need to harvest crops with big equipment? Don’t worry, we have the top 8 tractor brands in game at the Lab and no fancy big city resource pack is required. All tractors will harvest, collect, and replant all your crops when driving over them. Each one is matched by color in real life so you can get that farm fresh feeling: Lamborghini – Gray John Deere – Green Case IH – Red Caterpillar – Yellow Ford – Blue CLAAS – Light Green New Holland – Light Blue Kubota – Orange

  • Go to the wheat field, get a free tractor, and fuel at /race
  • Stand outside & Sneak Left click to fuel up
  • Sit inside & Right click to see your trunk
  • Get a screenshot of your trunk then post it in the our Discord Photos channel

Robby’s Rowing Race Winners

Thank you for supporting the team at FranksLaboratory!
Thank you again @IAmRobbyyy for making the race happen. 🙂

Friday Night Races at FranksLaboratory: Robby’s Rowing Race

Thank you so much IamRobbyyy for making this weeks race!

  • Type /plots or use the Plots portal at the Hub
  • Find the Boat button at the Start
  • Follow the arrows
  • Post at least one screenshot of your race in our Discord Photos channel to qualify
  • One winner of this weeks race may get a prize

Deci Sushi and New Train

  • Visit Decimates new Sushi Bar located at the Hub
  • 27 different varieties of sushi in a conveyor belt style restaurant
  • Click sushi with an empty hand to pick up and eat
  • Decimate is forever trapped inside making sushi for everyone
  • Eat as much as you like
  • Part of the 2400+ foods at FranksLaboratory

Also: The train ride at the Hub works for the fist time in years! Ride the Deci Train as seen on Coaster Con 2023.

Late Night Formula 1 Race Winner!

Congratulations Decimate! You are Friday nights race winner. Your rubber band technique of racing is cannot be duplicated, and you also broke the track record with your self proclaimed best lap time of 3 seconds. As this weeks winner you get your own sushi restaurant.

Friday Night Races at FranksLaboratory: Late Night Formual 1

  • Go to the 1:1 scale Bahrain F1 track `/bah
  • While your there, enjoy a free soda at spawn
  • Use the glass portal to get to the big track
  • Post a screenshot in our Photos Discord channel
  • F1 cars are by far the fastest vehicles we have, more than twice the speed of LabKarts!

Ultimate Foods at FranksLaboratory!

  • We now have 2400+ foods!
  • No Resource Packs needed!
  • Eat as much as you want!
  • How To Get Food:
  • Guests get food at restaurants and vending machines
  • Builders get the big unorganized visual food menu at /uf menu
  • Engineers get chat search by name with /uf get
  • We have any* player head as a food that you can find at The Head Database
  • … *(except for blood, poison, and alcohol.)
  • Use /hdb for decorative heads
  • Where To Get Food:
  • Bacon’s Waffle House /lab
  • Zulu’s Ice Cream Factory./lab
  • Zulu Burger /lab
  • Zoomland Chinese Takeout /zoo
  • Soda Vending Machine /bah
  • Build your own restaurant and we can make even more custom foods. /plots
  • A Bit Buggy But Funny:
  • Eating too close to a player sits you on his head
  • Eating animation replaced with custom sound and particles
  • Eating in creative mode sometimes places the food
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