Ultimate Foods at FranksLaboratory!

  • We now have 2400+ foods!
  • No Resource Packs needed!
  • Eat as much as you want!
  • How To Get Food:
  • Guests get food at restaurants and vending machines
  • Builders get the big unorganized visual food menu at /uf menu
  • Engineers get chat search by name with /uf get
  • We have any* player head as a food that you can find at The Head Database
  • https://minecraft-heads.com/custom-heads/food-drinks … *(except for blood, poison, and alcohol.)
  • Use /hdb for decorative heads
  • Where To Get Food:
  • Bacon’s Waffle House /lab
  • Zulu’s Ice Cream Factory./lab
  • Zulu Burger /lab
  • Zoomland Chinese Takeout /zoo
  • Soda Vending Machine /bah
  • Build your own restaurant and we can make even more custom foods. /plots
  • A Bit Buggy But Funny:
  • Eating too close to a player sits you on his head
  • Eating animation replaced with custom sound and particles
  • Eating in creative mode sometimes places the food

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