Friday Night Races at FranksLaboratory: Formula 1 Finals

It is time to show your driving skills on the Bahrain F1 track.
Type /bahrain or /race then use the glass portal to get to the track
Use /f1 to see if you have an F1 car
Complete 5 laps with pit stops
Post a screenshot of your race in our Discord Photos channel to qualify
Winners may get full permissions to All the F1 cars at /f1!

Booth and Shop at Coaster Con 2023 Bonus Question
For everyone in our Discord, the secret Booth code was /18436572
Enter the code in game at for the Fantasy Coaster Con Formula 1 Car as shown in our shop.
If some one can guess what 18436572 means I will move the Coaster Con Formula 1 Car to the /drive menu so that no code is ever needed again. Post your answer in General chat. (Hint: it was on display in our booth the whole time.)

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