Friday Night Races at FranksLaboratory: Water Balloon Fight!!!

  • We are revisiting Coaster Con 2023 to visit IngeniaMC by our friend M64DiamondStar…
    because it was by far the best Ride World of the 2023 convention!
  • “…wait, what happened to No PVP?” We are making an exception this one time because it was so much fun and no one got hurt.
  • Just flash back to “” 1.20.1 with resource packs enabled. Type /warp rides jump in the end portal then click “IngeniaMC.” Splash Battles is located on the beach.
  • Post one or more screenshots in our Lab Discord Photos channel of your IngeniaMC Splash Battles, Con Coaster, Con Tower, or Water Slides and you could qualify to win a prize at the Lab!
  • Ask for race help here at FranksLaboratory Discord.
  • Support our friend M64DiamondStar at

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