Friday Night Races at FranksLaboratory: Last Chance Bahrain Karts

This week is a double race!
The Bahrain International Karting Circuit. If you did not get an F1 car yet, this might be your last chance before next weeks F1 race! Just complete 10 laps in a LabKart at /race and post a screenshot in our Discord Photos channel. You could win one of the 10 F1 team cars!
Formula 1 Trials. If you are on a team and have an F1 car, practice laps and help test the new fuel system and Gas Station pit stop area:

  • Find what F1 cars you qualify for at /f1
  • Get a gas can at `/vehicle fuel’
  • Fuel level is in the bar at the top of your screen
  • Drive to the Gas Station at the pit stop
  • Stop on the Target blocks
  • Click the gas can while inside the car.
  • There is a new F1 portal at /bahrain

Mark your calendars because next week is the real 1:1 scale Formula 1 race!

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