Wheat Harvest Tractor Race Winners

  • YaroKyan2
  • Fireking675
  • SoupyCypress931
  • YaroGuessr
  • ItzCepster
  • EclipseSider
  • Wh4I3
    Also some runners up / honorable mentions:
  • ChoppyLand8680
  • zuluwest12
  • Sharky_LS
  • AtomBomb

    Thank you everyone for logging on and for hours of fun mowing down wheat!
    Thank you Fireking675 for obsessively filling 11 tractors with only wheat!
    Thank you SoupyCypress931 for completely clearing the field 1.8 style!
    This week all 7 winners who posted wheat trunks in photos win the 2023 Ferrari Formula 1 car.

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